Workflow Uses: Workflow Software and Services

Where you can use workflow software such as Kontinuum?

Manufacturing Change Requests

Are all your requests coming through on paper? Are they becoming to difficult to maintain and control the status of? If so a workflow application can assist you by involving your customers in the process, giving them access to log their own requests, and then letting Kontinuum move the request to the right department and ensuring it goes through all the appropriate quality testing.

Capital Expenditure

Streamline the CAPEX process, whether business case justification is part of your process or you simply want to input your spending matrix and let the system do the rest. Always know at what stage your request is and who is next in line to progress it with a Kontinuum workflow application.

Document Control

Looking for an application to change and approve documents perhaps? With Kontinuum you can see how, when and why documents have changed and also define who gets to modify and approve at each stage.

Clinical Trials Management

Clinical trials are often a mess, with so many parties involved and some much paper work. A Kontinuum workflow application can assist you with anything from Recruitment, Adverse Event Reporting to Compliance.

Customer Relationship Management

With a Kontinuum CRM you can centralise your customer critical details as well as use that to drive your other workflow applications such as: Customer Complaints, Sales Process Management, Help Desk etc.

Help Desk

With Kontinuum putting problems in the hands of the right person is easy. Your Help Desk workflow application can provide scripts, access to help files and dynamic routing to decrease the time spent on the phone or chasing up a job's status.

Customer Complaints

Handle your customer's objections in the best possible way by ensuring that all complaints are followed through and handled according to company policy. You can only improve your business by providing this kind of service to your customers.

IT Development

With a workflow applications deployed within your IT Team you can track assignments, schedule resources, testing, bug fixes and any other tasks imperative to your projects. With Kontinuum not only do you have greater visibility over the project but you also gain greater flexibility.

Leave Requests

Request leave, approve leave, assign someone to fill in for you while you are on leave and even update your Payroll system automatically. These are just some of the options when Kontinuum is applied to leave process.

Bookings and Events

Are you are looking to manage performers, events, clients and even venues? From the time a client books an event through to the final settlement, Kontinuum can ensure your events run smoothly.

Marketing Campaigns

Do you need a central hub to manage all the details for your latest marketing campaign; from brainstorming and budgeting to scheduling media advertising? Involve your staff, Ad Agency and your customers in your process using Kontinuum's 100% web interface.

Member Registration

Registering new members, keeping members up to date and renewing subscriptions are just some of the features a Kontinuum application can provide you with.

New Product Development

Got a new idea for a product? Deciding to develop a new product is one of the most important decisions a company can make. All areas of the business need to be drawn into alignment (finance, production, marketing, sales, delivery, etc.) to ensure that a new product has a maximum opportunity to succeed. With Kontinuum you can cut down the time from conceptualisation to delivery through improved tracking, collaboration and use of escalations.

Performance Review

Ensure your performance reviews are scheduled and completed on time and in a consistent and unbiased fashion. Make performance reviews an open and clear process for your employees. Then guarantee that the right people are informed of the outcomes in a confidential and secure manner.

Project Management

Managing tasks, timelines, costs and procedures is now a lot easier. Kontinuum can provide a central hub to make sure that a project is on time, on cost and to specification.


From scheduling interviews, salary negotiation, to orientation there is a lot that goes on in the hiring process. Kontinuum provides you with a structured approach so that from your initial hiring request to handling the exit interview the process is always consistent with company policy. Ensuring you don't have someone turn up on their first day with no desk to sit at!

Requirements Gathering

If you are starting a new project, 'Requirements Gathering' or 'Process Definition' is perhaps the most important step. Web and Flo can provide you with an application to ensure that all key stakeholder requirements, business rules, low level requirements, inputs and outputs are easily collated into an easy to read requirements specification.

Sales Order Processing

Quoting, Ordering, Assembly, Delivery, Invoicing and Stock Management can become a seamless process with Kontinuum. Applying Kontinuum to your Supply Chain process allows your clients to see where their orders are at any point in time via the web, providing a better service to your customers as well as reducing costly order status enquiries.

Sales Process Management

Businesses have very different and unique processes when it comes to attracting prospects, securing customers and turning those customers into advocates. The flexibility of Kontinuum allows you to design a system tailored to your unique Sales Process, ensuring no prospects slip through the cracks and your pipeline always shows you what you should do next. The mobility of Kontinuum allows for a dispersed sales force to function as a team and provides management with real time visibility of the company pipeline.

Systems and Process Document Control

Sometimes the most important process you need to control is how you control your business processes. Sound tricky? Well it does not have to be. Kontinuum allows you to manage your key control documents from versioning to approval to enterprise wide deployment and archiving.

Travel Requests

Travel Requests can be an important yet often overlooked process within larger organisations. Big business can manage 100's of Travel Requests at a time, usually creating an unmanageable paper trail. Kontinuum can assist you by ensuring the appropriate management approval is received, requisitions are sent to the appropriate person and even send an email request to your preferred supplier.