About Web and Flo

Web and Flo are innovative software providers of workflow and business process management solutions. Our goal is to be leaders in workflow and BPM technology, by helping organisations small, medium and large to improve their processes.

Back in 2000, Anna Fogarty and Craig Cameron set out to develop a software solution with the aim to assist organisations with their workflow and process management problems.  The workflow platform known as Kontinuum was officially launched in 2004.

12 years on and Kontinuum has processed over 20,000 requests. It has evolved into a unique and powerful software tool which has provided endless benefits for many top tier organisations in finance, insurance, education and government.

Our latest challenge is to assist the many organisations in the small to medium size category, which is our reason behind developing The Celsus – Library of Workflow Processes.

We find our task both challenging and rewarding, which is why we continue to assist small, medium and large organisations in solving their business problems.