Kontinuum Development and Training

Web and Flo offers several training options to assist with both project work and the ongoing development of those involved with the implementation.  Kontinuum training provides direct and usable education and does not require deep technical knowledge to be effective.  Training is run in a professional classroom setting with appropriate aids to assist with learning.  Classes can be booked for individuals and groups, and content may be tailored upon request.

The primary courses offered are:

A 2 day introductory course, the Workflow Designer course is structured in such a way that it has no technical pre-requisites.  The course covers building forms, an overview of workflow design, the structure of Kontinuum’s security and administration, and an introduction to charting and reporting.

Workflow Designer can be followed by the Advanced Workflow Designer course which is a further day’s training, and builds on the introductory concepts and practices.

The Kontinuum Project Manager course is run over 2 days and focuses on the essential parts of managing the Kontinuum implementation, and the various methodological approaches that can be taken.  This course is a complement to existing project management training and it is strongly recommended that participants have a solid background in this discipline prior to commencing the course.
Note this course has a maximum of 4 participants in each class.

A 1 day course, the Kontinuum Administrator course is designed to provide an understanding of the tasks required for the ongoing management of this tool.  It highlights user management, trouble shooting and issue management.  No pre-requisites exist for this course.

For costs, training availability and booking instructions, please email training@webandflo.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .