The Celsus – Library of Workflow Processes

Best Practise Business Processes for SMEs

The Celsus is Web and Flo's latest offering.  Over the past 11 years, we've been working with some of the worlds' largest and most process-oriented organisations on optimising and refining processes.  But we've found that many small and medium enterprises can greatly benefit from workflow and process automation also.  That's why we've created The Celsus.

The Celsus is a web-based application built on our flagship platform Kontinuum, and offers best practise processes for Expense Claims and Employee Onboarding.  We're adding new processes all the time - if it's not your core business, we're making it our core business to make it efficient, compliant, and automated.

The economies of scale to build and deploy workflows for an organisation mean that it is typically larger organisations who have the process knowledge, skills, and time available to undertake a process mapping and development process and to get the full benefit of a workflow automation process.  On the other hand, all organisations use workflow – the nature of work is that any process involving multiple steps or people can benefit from going through review and automation.  In many cases, this means that Small and Medium enterprises don’t get the benefits of workflow… despite being the largest category of employer.  If you've outgrown your paper or spreadsheet-based systems and are looking for productivity improvements quickly, we'd love to speak to you.

Right now, we have best-practise processes for

  • Expense Claims; and
  • Employee Onboarding

We're adding new processes all the time, and we'd encourage you to contact us to let us know which business processes you would like to see a best-practise, cloud-based software solution for.  If your processes are unique, confidential, or need to be hosted in-house, please see our page about our Platform as a Service workflow tool, Kontinuum.

For further information, Contact Us or visit The Celsus FAQs.

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