Kontinuum – Business Process Management Software

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Kontinuum is the unique business process management solution designed for professional workflow development. It integrates your all of your organisation’s people, systems and information into one consistent business workflow. Kontinuum allows for the rapid creation and management of workflow applications. Kontinuum's development studio enables the automation and modification of business processes.

The software provides real time task lists and views, alerts when events occur, transactional history and extensible reporting tools, to allow you to manage resources, monitor business activity, control business processes and ensure service levels are met.

Web and Flo and our product Kontinuum has over 10 years experience in providing successful solutions. Kontinuum is sophisticated, technologically contemporary and highly developed software.

Web and Flo’s experienced workflow consultants will conduct an in-depth analysis of your company’s workflow processes to learn and analyse your procedures. Our specialists can then develop a customised business solution, one that is specific to your business requirements.

Kontinuum has endless benefits for any organisation.  It allows you to easily automate and manage your work procedures in a way that is efficient and cost-effective, boosting productivity and ultimately boosting your return on your business investment.

Key Benefits


Communication of each process is done through email & SMS notifications and by viewing your interactive workflow. The interactive workflow provides the progress of each task, to allow you monitor the end to end performance and identify key problems.

All business applications and reporting are integrated in Kontinuum. This eliminates the need for additional applications along with the time spent switching between them.

Data and form locks, rules and decisions, and approval checkpoints ensures the integrity of your data and that all process stages are properly followed.

5 Star Security
Kontinuum has received the full 5 star security rating by HP Fortify, against the OWASP 10 most dangerous internet security threats.

Cost Effectiveness
Kontinuum is a complete system for all workflows, usable for all levels of staff regardless of technical level, and has flexible licensing.

Individual user task lists and escalation rules ensure your tasks get completed on time. Audit trails and performance reporting help to identify inefficiencies, missed deadlines, productivity levels and bottlenecks.

Design Features

Admin Dashboard

Workflow Design
The design studio provides all of the tools necessary to create simple or complex business processes. It utilises a drag and drop interface, then apply business rules to control the task lists, approvals and other aspects of the workflow.

Form Builder
You can use the form builder to create customised web forms and database structures using a simple drag and drop approach.

Customisable Appearance
Style sheets give you the ability to customise the appearance of your Kontinuum application, templates and images to tie in with you corporate branding.

Kontinuum has a comprehensive and independently audited security model. Administrators can control the settings for the level of complexity for user passwords. Kontinuum can also integrate with Active Directory to allow users single sign on.

User Management
Administrators can manage what users see and do in each workflow. They also have the ability to manage user accounts, details and passwords.

WAFFL (Web and Flo Functional Language)
WAFFL allows the modification of the behaviour of questions, forms, reports, routing and user permissions.

End User Features

User Dashboard

Web Forms
Information can be captured by filling in web forms or by uploading data from documents such as Excel spread sheets.

Interactive workflow (Active Eye)
Kontinuum provides the graphical representation of the workflow in real time. It has full details of the stage it is at, who it is sitting with and the actions required to progress the task.

Emails and SMS can notify the relevant people of a new task, changes, updates, approvals or requests for information.

Kontinuum utilises Task Lists, Item List and Task Calendars that provide the ability to identify which tasks currently require attention. Charts on the dashboard display the statistics of information which is most important to you.

Automatic task allocation
Rules can be established to determine where a particular task will be sent. It can be sent directly to a specified user, allocated using a set cycle, or allocated to the users with the least amount of work on their task list.

Reporting tools
Users can access real time reports, use the built-in data warehouse capabilities for complex data analysis and export these for further analysis.

Export data
Print and export data from forms to perform complex analysis on the data. Data can be exported into formats including Crystal Reports, Word, Excel, PDF and XML.