Kontinuum Workflow Software FAQ

Q. How does your licensing work ?
A. We sell our licenses based on the number of users involved with the workflow. During our projects we work through the named users and where they aren’t regularly involved, consider whether they require licensing or (unlicensed) access. Web and Flo also has a site license where this is more economically viable.

Q. Does Kontinuum work on an iPad or other Tablets ?
A. Yes. Customers with Kontinuum versions after 2008 are able to access the product on any of the contemporary tablet and phone technologies.

Q. Can workflows email calendar updates/requests ?
A. No, but we handle that through integration with existing tools such as MS Outlook.

Q. Can we get a free trial ?
A. Web and Flo does not provide a free trial of the Kontinuum software given the product complexity and cost involved with maintaining current trials. In our experience, a tailored demonstration is a more informative way of helping customers determine if it suits requirements than an aimless ‘play’.

Q. Does Web and Flo provide a SAAS option?
A. Yes. It is available for a range of internal processes including risk management, request a new hire, leave management, expense approval and ….

Q. Is information stored in an SQL database ?
A. Yes. Kontinuum uses SQL Server to store the information captured from the workflow. An SQL database is also used to store the definition of the workflow and its associated forms and business rules.

Q. How can I report on the information captured in my Kontinuum workflow?
A. Information is structured so that Kontinuum’s reporting module is the preferred method for analysis. It is also possible to use other reporting tools to analyse the data held in Kontinuum’s backend SQL tables.

Q. Can information be imported from Excel ?
A. Yes, there are a range of ways this can be done.

Q. Do I need to be a programmer to design workflows in Kontinuum ?
A. No. From our existing customers base we have found that the best background to productively use the Design Studio is having a strong understanding of the process and not having a fear of technology.

Q. Can I implement a single process or workflow ?
A. Yes, we have found many of our customers prefer the flexibility and scalability Kontinuum provides, and that they don’t require substantial investments that global vendors often require

Q. Do you provide support in our area ?
A. Support is done in a range of different ways. Our Service Desk is based in Melbourne and through the tools we use, our scheduling and partners, we are able to support most time zones and locations.

Q. Does Kontinuum support Active Directory ?
A. Yes - it is a standard integration feature to reduce the number of logins for staff. This often needs more discussion though in the context of corporate security requirements.

Q. Is Kontinuum a Document Management System ?
A. Kontinuum is not a Document Management System but has the capability to store documents as they form part of the workflow. It allows document sharing amongst those involved in a secure manner.

The Celsus Workflow Software FAQ

Q. What are the costs involved?
A. The Celsus follows a low cost, pay by the month subscription based plan. It is transaction based so you pay for exactly what you use. There are no upfront joining fees, hidden fees or vendor lock in.

Q. How is the software provided?
A. It is a SaaS hosted solution so you don’t need to install or manage any software or hardware. It is hosted in the cloud and all it involves is the initial workflow set up. There are no maintenance headaches as we take care of the technical stuff, allowing you to concentrate on your operating business.

Q. How complicated is the software to learn and use?
A. We have developed the software completely with end users in mind.  We have particularly focused on creating an interactive dashboard that allowed users to quickly and efficiently perform their typical tasks with ease. There is no steep learning curve, as the software is intuitive to learn and does not require any form of technical training. All users should have no difficulty in quickly understanding the software.

Q. Will there be other workflows included?
A. Currently the main workflow is Expense Claims, and Onboarding is in progress. We are planning on developing additional workflows which will be implemented in due time. Please follow the development blog at www.thecelsusproject.com

Q. How difficult is it to set up?
A. Setting up your organisation with The Celsus is a very simple and straightforward process.  After completing the registration form we will take care of the rest. We can have your workflows up and running within 24 hours, then you’re all set to go.

How can workflow software help me?

Increase visibility

Reduce costs and time

Reporting, measuring, analysing

Improved staff accountability

Better process control

Integrate with existing systems

Flexibility of process change

Greater predictability of process

Full Audit capability

Simplification of process

Enforcing policy

Compliance and Risk Mitigation

Process templates

SaaS / Hosted solutions

Scalable licencing model